Play Harder – J.T. Fox

WARNING: This book is 100% hard-riding, dirty-talking alpha times two. Read at your own risk.

Having him is the most dangerous play of all…

Now that Miami star quarterback Jordan Barr has had a hot, wild night with halfback Eric “The Brick” Higgins he can’t get him off his mind. Eric is under his skin, but he needs to learn a lesson—that Jordan calls the shots when it comes to these sorts of red-hot entanglements.

And that lesson will be conducted in bed with every inch of Eric’s ripped, muscular body bared for Jordan’s pleasure.

Jordan is the most intense, commanding lover Eric has ever had. Trouble is, the two of them have an enemy. As rumors of game fixing ratchet up, compromising photos land on their phones, as well as a note to pay up or be exposed. Eric’s ready to walk away, but when the threats intensify, the men must work together to figure out who the hell is gunning for them.

And working together can only lead to one thing…

An even hotter, harder, sexier encounter.

But the more they come together, the more determined their enemies are to tear them apart.

Play Harder is the second instalment in a three-part MM romance trilogy. It ends in a cliffhanger.

J.T. Fox what are you doing to me you cannot leave me hanging, breath held with that ending. I cant breathe my heart is racing, who is it? which one of the hotties is down?, i cant take it i need to know now!
Play Harder throws us right back into where book one left off and doesn’t miss a beat, the heat is turned up between Jordan and Eric when they finally give into the pull they have for each other the sexual tension sky rockets. I love these guys together and the connection forming between the two is going to be more than just hot sex, there is a relationship forming in the midst of a football game fixing scandal.
Throw some twist and turns and a little blackmail into the mix, a epic cliffhanger to turn it all to hell in a handbasket this book leaves you on your knees begging for more!
I think after part three comes out i will start from the beginning and read them all after each other i love Eric and Jordan so much, a job well done J.T. Fox.

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