Play Hardest (Hot For Him Book 3) – J.T. Fox

WARNING: Contains two sexy as sin, filthy-mouthed, dominating, rock hard alpha males. Read at your own risk.

Trusting him is the biggest play he’ll ever make…

Jordan Barr is in deep. He can’t get Eric off his mind, and he’s consumed with wanting the sinfully sexy man. But there’s more at stake now than the pro quarterback ever bargained for. It’s not just his or Eric’s heart or career on the line anymore.

Lives are at stake and their enemies are playing dirty. Both men need to keep their eyes open for a potentially career-ending blitz.

But that’s increasingly tough when all Jordan wants to do is screw Eric senseless.

That kind of screwing sounds damn fine to Eric Higgins. He’s never wanted anyone the way he wants Jordan, but Eric doesn’t know who he can trust anymore. 

As their enemies close in and time grows short, he’ll have to decide if he’s ready to make the biggest play of all and let Jordan into his heart.

This trio of books have been as entertaining as watching the SuperBowl!!!
The Play series has kept me asking ‘who the hell is it?’ on more than one occasion and we finally get the answers we have been waiting for, this story unfolds into a cracking read. I continued to adore Jordan and Eric and together they have the perfect chemistry.
The plot was very cleverly done, i love a book that can keep you on your toes not giving anything away until the very last moment and J.T.Fox doesnt disappoint her writing is fantastic.
Fast paced story with a huge twist i so did not see coming, bloody hell jaw dropping moments and hot sex with two steamy alpha men this book and series has it all.

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