Nobody’s Dream (Rescue Me Saga #6) – Kallypso Masters

One broken heart.

One battered soul.

No one said life would be fair or easy. Quiet, Peruvian-born artist Cassie Lopez learned this the hard way. Betrayed by the man she planned to marry, she shut herself off as far away from all but her closest friend from college…

Until the night Luke Denton came crashing into her Colorado mountain sanctuary with a vengeance. Confused by her heart’s response to this kind and gentle man, Cassie pushes herself to help the cowboy recover quickly so she can send him on his way. But Luke’s patience and understanding threaten to break down the very defenses she needs to survive in this world after he’s gone.

Search-and-Rescue worker Luke, who lost his wife and unborn child in a tragic accident, also knows firsthand of the unfairness of life. He keeps his own nightmares at bay by focusing on his rescue activities, most recently adopting and working with abused and neglected horses.

Can two wounded people find trust and love together? Do nightmares end where dreams come true?

I am so very torn at this moment because i really was looking forward to Luke and Cassie’s story, this has been a go to series for me for a while, i have been drawn into the intense BDSM story line along with some wonderfully described characters so i couldnt wait to dive into this one. But for me this book just didnt hit the spot for me.
Nobody’s Dream didnt have the same vibe as the others in the series, there was no visits to the club no edge to the story that i have enjoyed in the others. Luke was like a different character, his personality took on a whole new life and that was not what i expected at all, he was gentle and protective but he seemed to just loose his dominant edge because of Cassie, changing him as a character.
I know Cassie was hurt and she has a delicate state of mind, but so was Savi and the way she healed along with Damion was intense, gripping, erotic and hot. Luke and Cassie’s story felt kind of limp in comparison.
The plot seemed very long winded and at times i was just reading it like it was a text book instead of a fiction book.
I did love catching up with all the characters that have been in previous books in this series and seeing where they were in there lives, but i still wanted more.

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