Guardian – Sierra Riley

“I won’t get hurt again.”

“He probably has women falling at his feet.”
Attorney Alexander Wilson lies to himself. He’s not in the closet. He’s happy alone. He could come out to his work colleagues any time. Until then it’s one nerd and his Corgi, his string of failed relationships, and his collection of Space Shuttle toys. So when he’s hired by a tattooed, muscle bound mechanic, it’s just as well that Conflict of Interest prevents him getting involved.

“A guy like him wouldn’t spend time with a guy like me.”
Mechanic Titus Edwards walked away from a promising Army career. As a former EOD expert he’s faced tougher environments than Flushing, Queens, but never a tougher job: raising his eight year old niece. When her biological father crawls out of the woodwork, Titus needs an attorney if he’s to protect her. But he’s not expecting to find himself drawn to Alex. After all, Alex is a guy. And Titus isn’t gay.

“We’re wasting time on a fairytale.”
Both men are haunted by pasts they would rather forget. But if they are to forge a future together they’re going to need to overcome more than their individual hurts. Can they learn to trust themselves and each other before it’s too late?

This is a great m/m romance book, if you looking for a easy low angst book look no further.
Auto mechanic meets cute nerdy attorney throw a wise beyond her years sweet as chocolate 8 year old to complete the makings of a great romance. I found myself finishing this book in one sitting, nice flowing plot and well developed characters you cant help but like.

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