Fearless (Pier 70 Book 2) – Nicole Edwards

He’s the one who walked away…
Dare Davis, one of the four owners of Pier 70 Marina, has been living the past fifteen years of his life not taking risks. He considers himself fearless because he refuses to let anyone close enough to hurt him. He’s had his heart broken before, he’s not looking for it to happen again.

He’s the one who let love slip through his fingers…
Noah Pearson, thirteen-year veteran of the Austin Fire Department, finds himself being roped into a favor by his mischievous stepsister. When Milly invites him to come along on a cruise to the Caribbean, he finds himself giving in. What he doesn’t know is that Milly’s playing matchmaker. However, Milly’s surprise backfires when Noah finds himself front and center with the man who slipped through his fingers fifteen years ago.

Some people believe in second chances.
Things heat up when the mischievous, fun-loving bad boy comes face to face with this smoking hot firefighter.

Now that Dare and Noah find themselves sharing a room on a week-long cruise, can they find a way to keep the peace and ignore their past? Or – thanks to the decisions they made long ago – will they come full circle, picking right back up where they left off?

There’s a reason why I keep coming back to this authors books and the reason is there bloody brilliant. Nicole Edwards can write a m/m romance to rival any author in my opinion, her characters are complex and come across so real, her story lines draw you inside and hold you captive until the very last word and the sex, hot damn it good.
Fearless is the second chance at romance, a do over as it were for Dare and Noah. The books starts out by going back 15 years giving us the back story to Dare and Noah and wow what a start.
We follow Dare and Noah on a journey to find there way back to each other with a little push from Milly, the roads has some bumps along the way with each of the men revealing past hurts.
The Pier 70 guys always leave me wanting more an i cannot wait to read more from them, especially Teague and Hudson man i cant wait to get inside there heads.
Another winner of a book from Nicole.

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