Fly (Wild Love #2) – Red L. Jameson

And alone.
My worst nightmare becomes my greatest blessing.

Together, they rescued me, literally saved me from a snowy disaster. Both of them—with their tenderness and compassion. But it’s their Navy SEAL, iron-tough, and tattooed bodies that have me wanting more—wanting them. They’ve transformed me, while I awakened them—showed them the beauty of what could be.

Two months ago, I would’ve chosen one, seduced him like only I know how. But that was two months ago, and so much has changed. I can’t tell them about the baby. I couldn’t bear it if they walked away—out of my life.

I’ll have to tell them. This can’t continue. They both want me, and my resistance is waning. I want what I want—and I want them.
Both of them.

This is the second book in the series but can easily be read as a stand alone.
I was really looking forward to jumping right into this book, i mean two hot Navy SEALS had me thinking Dee was one damn lucky girl, and she was, the guys were more than great. They are both built, fit, sexy, beautiful on the inside and out, treat her like she is the centre of their world whats not to like really apart from there names H and Jay.
It was Dee herself that got on my nerves at times, all the repetitive im single, spoilt and pregnant drove me nuts, shes so needy constantly putting herself down, i didnt really like her much. The 180 Dee’s mother did at the end what the hell was that about.
The story was okay but nothing indepth or angsty the plot was choppy and everything happened so fast.
I dont think i would read any more in this series or from this author.

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