Rose In Bloom: Rose of Thorne (Book 3)- Mia Michelle

There are many different reasons for having secrets. Sometimes we choose to keep them to protect people, while other times, they are kept out of deceit and shame. Regardless of their purpose, secrets have the power to hurt us like nothing else. When we risk losing someone we love, we will stop at nothing to prevent the truth from ever being known. But sometimes, secrets find their way out onto the open, revealing themselves even against our desperate attempts to keep them hidden. My secret had almost destroyed us, but through the miracle of three little words, “I forgive you,” Skylar had finally set me free from my years of torment.

Part of her died the night she lost her parents. No matter what I do, I can never get that part of her back again. Through the tragedy of that night, our lives are forever scarred, yet through our powerful love, I see her once again returning back to life, just like a perfect rose in bloom.

Now that she knows my secret, there is nothing that can ever tear us apart again… or so, I had thought.

Man this book, there are so many twist and turns the plot takes it has you captivated and pulled into the characters lives. I’ve been addicted to Sebastian Thorne since reading Book 1, i have always been team Sebastian and i think i love him even more right now, this man will go to the ends of the earth for his woman and that’s so very sexy to me.
Lucas, man i really did not like him in parts of this book, like soul deep hate for the man, but he did redeem himself in my eyes towards the end. I loved that we get multiple POVs from each character so we get the inner thoughts from each of them.
Rose in bloom is crammed with suspense and angst, romance, sex and love, the epilogue was very beautiful and finished this series off very well.

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