LUKA (The Rhythm Series, Book 2) – Jane Harvey-Berrick

I’m not a good man.

I’m not a bad man.

But I’ve made some bad mistakes, made the wrong choices. Who hasn’t? But the consequences are tearing us apart.

I love two people.

I love them differently.

The world tells me I have to choose. Why? Why do I have to choose?

Loving hurts.

Dancing heals.

Love makes you soar, makes you fly and sets you free—and then it lets you freefall until you’re smashed and bleeding on the ground. Ultimately, love is the worst thing that can happen to a human being.

In my opinion.

I love two people.

I love them differently.

One is a man.

One is a woman.

And they are brother and sister.

I have to say i was so excited to read this book, the blurb just caught my attention straight away. I havent read the first book in this series but its not necessary for you to understand this book.
I honestly have to say Luka left me with some very different feelings than i thought i would have at the end of this book,it left me a little unsatisfied .
I wanted to love it but the ending really left me feeling flat, it started so well but then i found myself just reading so i could finish it.
The first half of this book i loved, i fell for Luka and Seth and there developing relationship from the get go. I really liked them as a couple. Luka has flaws, everyone does, but i wanted him to man up and fight for his own happiness and not let himself be pushed around and manipulated.
The story took a twist i was kind of expecting and i was excited to see Seth and Luka fight for each other, but that was not what i got at all.
The second half of this book drove me nuts, i couldnt stand Sarah even in the beginning her character did nothing for me at all, and as the book went on i found myself detesting her.
Jane Harvey-Berrick scores some points for making me feel so many emotions throughout this book but the bad emotions seemed to outweigh the good by the end.

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