Pay For Play ( Book 1) – Victoria Ashley & Hilary Storm – That’s all the info you need to get off in the privacy of your own home, car or hell… even in a public fucking library.

Whatever gets you wet.

I never expected a million-dollar business to come out of touching myself on camera, but when you add in nine of your best guys, the women become hungry and the money begins flowing faster than you can spend it.

You want to see me take my shirt off, I’ll strip it off nice and slow, making you sweat in anticipation.

You want to see me touch my dick, I’ll stroke every hard inch of it, getting you off before you can even feel it creeping up on you.

Your money.

Your Alpha.

Your demand.

Now I just hope playing for her on camera will pay off enough for me to claim her outside of the computer screen.

Sweet jesus this book is hot!
I am so very grateful to Hilary and Victoria for giving us so many scrumptious hot Alphachat guys, lets hope we get to read everyone of there stories, and i adore each and everyone of there names.
Panties will be combusting and melting all over the world with this book, its Dirty, Sexy and Hot.
Pay for play is such an original concept and the plot is genius.
This book is intense and gripping and will leave you drooling over the sex, Lynx, man he leaves you at a loss for words.
Bloody brilliant read i so cannot wait to read more for this series.

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