Sweet Spot (Homeruns Book 4) – Sloan Johnson

Four years ago, it took no time at all for Cody Marshall to fall for the rookie pitcher at spring training. While their lives were nothing alike, Cody understood Nick Stone’s insecurities and pain. And then… Nick left. Eventually, Cody found his own passion and landed a dream internship with the Mavericks. His life was finally turning around. And then… Nick came back.

Just like the first time they met, Cody finds himself falling for Nick. Unfortunately, Nick is still plagued by the belief that he is where he is because of his father. If they’re ever going to make it, Cody has to prove to Nick that his success has little to do with his name and everything to do with his drive to succeed.

Two men, both close to having everything they’ve wanted. Will they be able to find the sweet spot between dreams and desire?

Sloan has hit another Homerun with this book this is another wonderful m/m read.
This is a fantastic second chance love story for Cody and Nick and we get to catch up with the guys from previous books also.
I really enjoyed the realistic portrayal of how difficult life is for minor league players within the baseball game and how that impacts them and there partners too.
Yet again Sloan gives us total hotness in the sex scenes, she never fails to draw you into her books her writing is fantastic.
We follow the struggles that Nick faces to make it to the big leagues along with trying to hold everything together to build a relationship with Cody and his family, it is a beautiful emotional ride.
This was a very sweet story where the two main characters fight for each other and overcome obstacles that life throws at them with the help of family and friends.

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