Change up (Homeruns Book 5) – Sloan Johnson

Kevin Green has always been the life of the party. He’s the one everyone turns to for a bit of comic relief. With so many of his teammates coming out of the closet and living healthy lives, it’s getting harder for him to keep the secret only one other person knows: that he’s not as straight as everyone assumes when they see him out with his hot girlfriend. Now, the façade is cracking as Amber decides it’s time to follow her dreams, but she doesn’t want to leave until she knows Kevin will embrace the side of him he’s hidden from everyone but her.

Clint Davies isn’t sure what to think of his new road roommate assignment. Kevin runs hot and cold toward him and has zero sense of boundaries. He doesn’t think before he speaks, and worse, before he acts. What starts as one night of throwing caution to the wind is instantly complicated in ways Clint isn’t prepared to deal with. He’s never seriously considered a relationship at all, much less an open arrangement with a teammate.

Having a little fun is one thing, but will Kevin and Clint strike out when things start getting serious?

With each and every book in the Homerun series i have fallen for every couple, Sloan Johnson write each couple in such a way that the are likeable guys who are crazy hot have wonderful qualities and i love them all. I think its great to catch up with the other guys from previous books also.
Clint and Kevin are great characters but i either wanted to slap them upside the head or give them a hug throughout most of the book. I adored Kevin’s character i loved the fact that he had this socially awkward thing going on he had a cool sense of humour too. I liked that he didnt really care when he put his foot in it. Both men are sweet and caring and really work well together.
Its safe to say i adore the men on the Maverick’s team and i cannot wait for more!

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