American Bad Boy: A Military Romance – Eddie Cleveland

I lost my men. I lost my leg. I lost my career. And all I could think of was Lauren.

I left for West Point with two things: a broken heart and a promise to never let it happen again.
Now I’m back in Colorado as a war hero. F*ck that, I’m a celebrity.
And every woman wants to open her legs for Captain America.
So why do I only want her?


Even with one leg, Mack Forrester hasn’t lost his swagger.
It’s been a decade since he left. But under his tattoos, I still see the guy who broke my heart when he chose his country instead of me.
I told myself I was over it.
Over him.
One glimpse in his crystal blue eyes and I knew it was a lie.
Now he wants me back, but ten years is a long time. There’s so much he doesn’t know.
Like, that I had his child.

For a first novel, Eddie Cleveland knocked it out the park and the cover for this book is beautiful.
This book is a easy read and deals with PTSD in a sensitive manor. I really connected to this story, to read a military romance from a former military person, who has true experiences of war.
Lauren and Mack have a second chance at love and i enjoyed how there romance unfolded. The dialog between the main characters was great.
I would have liked some of Mack’s family and a bit more of a back story with them, but overall this was a enjoyable read.

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