Stone (The Elite Forces Series Book 3) – Kathy Coopmans & Kathy Coopmans

What happens to a person when they’re literally brought to their knees?
Captain Beau Harris’ entire world came crumbling down. His own guilt consumed him to the point he was confined to the tortures of his own mind and faced with the reality of his own fate.
Until her. The one woman he should run from. The one woman who could bring light and warmth into his dark, cold world even though he’s content with the reality he’s destined to suffer.
She should be forbidden, yet she’s not.
Temptation has no boundaries. It teases you until you have nowhere to hide, nowhere to run, except straight into the arms of the one person who could claim your soul.
You think you know what’s about to hit you. You have no idea.
STONE – book three in The Elite Forces Series is going to bring you to your knees.

This is the 3rd instalment in the Elite Forces series by two brilliant authors and let me tell you it is a awesome read.
I had to read this book in one sitting, its cram packed with tears, heartache, angst and love. Stone has lived through hell, he gave up on life after a unthinkable event, but he finds a light in the dark and hope shines on him and he finds something to live for again.
I loved Emmy, she is Fire’s sister making her feisty, strong and a brilliant match to pull Beau out of the hell his life has become.
This book is so emotional you can feel the hurt right along side Beau, but as we follow him and Emmy on this journey you can feel the steam and chemistry, then the joy love and happiness and that is a credit to Hilary and Kathy.
I cannot wait to read more from this series and the men of the Elite Forces.

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