Deep Down (Lockhart Brothers Book 1) – Brenda Rothert

I’m falling.
Sometimes you fall so hard you can’t get back up. My closest companions now are shame and loss. But a sliver of hope lies in the only person I have left in this world – the one who’s growing inside me.
Survival becomes living again because of my child, and the town where I begin anew. That’s where I meet the man who starts to melt the ice inside my heart.
As we get closer, reminders of my past become sharper. Clearer. To confront the pain, I have to discover what’s deep down inside me. Is there enough left there to become whole again, or am I too wounded to heal?

This is the first book i have read by this author, and i have to say i enjoyed it immensely. Her writing captured my attention from start to finish. Her characters are well developed and real.
I think i fell for each Lockhart brother as they were introduce throughout the story, and i cannot wait to find out more about them, especially Kyle.
Ivy was such a strong determined woman and the love she had for her son was immeasurable.
Reed was so patient and gentle with Ivy he was such a beautiful man. The relationship he built with Ivy went at her pace he was everything that she needed.
This book is about survival, pain, healing, friendship and love.

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