Touchdown (Game Day #1) – T.S. McKinney

Alexander Bryant has lived his entire life making everyone else happy. After meeting Lincoln, will he have the courage to finally do what makes him happy?

Alexander – I like to imagine myself a rebel – an ass-kicker that takes what he wants regardless of what others think. I make my own path and flip off the people who don’t agree. I laugh in the face of conflict. Nobody tells me what to do.
In reality, everything about me is a lie – past, present, and future. The Bryant name requires certain things and all my decisions are based on those requirements. I like football, but the family name demands I love it. I want to be an artist, but the family name demands I be a lawyer. The family demands I fall in love with a nice girl, but I’m falling for, well, the opposite of nice AND girl. I’m a coward and a liar.

Lincoln – I like to imagine myself a loner – a cold heartless bastard that takes what he wants. I lived the biggest part of my life with parents that were ashamed of me for more reasons that one could begin to count, so I trust no one.
I have a low tolerance for bullshit and hate liars. So why did I go and fall in love with the biggest liar of them all?

Touchdown is a sexy, dirty, Captivating, heart warming and a wonderful love story. I fell in love with this book right from the first page. This is the first m/m romance book that i have read that incorporates BDSM and it is brilliant.
Alexander and Lincoln are total opposites but they work perfectly together, they compliment each.
I felt that Lincoln really helped Alex find his true self and to fight for what he wanted rather than what was chosen for him.
This book is kinky, fun, dirty and hot. Alex and Lincoln are crazy hot together.
This book was such a refreshing surprise and a brilliant read and well written, i will for sure be reading more from this author.

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