Halo – R.C. Stephens

I fell in love with Thomas Wells and knew he was my forever.
I was sixteen when I gave him my heart.
Our love was the kind to last a lifetime.

But Thomas was broken.
The first day we met he told me he was going to become a Navy SEAL.
At nineteen he enlisted.
At twenty he married me.
At twenty five he left me pregnant and didn’t turn back.
I knew he was suffering….
I also knew I couldn’t save him.
He left me broken.
I was scared and alone.
Until I met Ryder St. John a wounded soldier…
He was lost.
I was lost.
Together we made sense.
I fell in love again…
What Ryder forgot to mention was that he held a secret so explosive that it could shatter both our worlds.

I a bit stumped on how i should rate this book, i liked it but didnt love it, the characters were okay but i couldnt gel with them. Im just a little bit disappointed with how everything played out. I didn’t hate it, but i cant say that i loved it either. And what really out a downer on it for me was i saw the plot coming a mile away before it even happened. I found myself reading just to confirm what i had already guessed.
The first part maybe 10% in, i was all for the story my emotions were right there with the characters, but that seemed to fizzle the moment i figured how the story was going to play out.
Ryder, i have to say i liked him better than Thomas.
I dont want to go into too much more detail as i dont want to give anymore of the story away, Halo is a okay read but didnt light me on fire.

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